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Create maps in a matter of seconds with the support of AI. With NO CODE, just select a template, a region of the map and export for the web or to print.

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Colors, fonts, content, legend... Anything in a map is editable. And if you don't want to think. Use templates.



We use AI technology to generate our maps to ensure they are always of the best quality. Choose color, theme, localisation and your map will be ready to be used!



In few clicks you can create a map. Always of quality. Or you can use our assistant. Or you can check if the map you created could have design improvements.

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Latest technology applied to maps

Bettermaps provides a set of tools for content discovery in existing layouts, and support how to improve this layout. Among the different products under development: Tools to help improve map design (design correction), tools to add data on map quality and tools to extract map data (e.g., catalogue of historical maps).


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